11 Clever Birthday Party Goodie Bags Without All the Junk

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When it comes to throwing a kid's birthday party, most of us want to send our guests home happy. So of course, a cool goody bag will do the trick. But every mom knows what it's like when her kid brings home a bag full of junk that nobody needs. And what's even worse is that our kids then insist on keeping all these trinkets they don't need! Instead of the usual ho-hum bag filled with cheap trinkets, why not try something with a bit more personality and panache?


We're sure the person who invented the goody bag custom had the best of intentions, but today the tradition just seems out of control! Between over-the-top treats and bags filled to the brim with super sugary candy and cheap, plastic knick-knacks, we aren't convinced that kids -- or anyone for that matter -- needs all this junk! 

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To help spark some ideas for a creative take-home treat that won't go over-the-top, here are some great goody bags to consider putting together for the next kid's birthday party. From animal-themed snacks to Chinese takeout containers, these goody bags with a twist will win mom some points for creativity without draining her savings. 

So read on and take a look at our favorite goody bag ideas! Hint: No. 7 works for any movie-themed birthday party a kid can imagine!

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