Kids Magazine Gives 5-Year-Old Girls Beauty Tips on How to 'Fix' Their Faces

lego magazine

Oh, Lego, how could you? It's bad enough this company started wooing girls with boxfuls of sparkly pink and purple building blocks. But the latest issue of Lego Club Magazine now gives girls beauty tips. Er, we'd expect that kinda of nonsense from Barbie, but Lego?! For shame!


This advice, titled "Emma’s Beauty Tips" in the magazine's March-April 2015 issue, coaches girls on which hairstyle looks best based on the shape of the face. For instance, a square face can be softened with curls; a long face shortened with bangs. Check out the full horror below:

lego magazine

As a girl who grew up loving Legos, I have to say I had my doubts already when the company broke out their ultra-girly, pink-and-purple "Lego Friends Line." Still, at least these kits encouraged girls to build stuff, even if it was things like hair salons and horse stables.

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But this? Aside from snapping a different wig on a pegged head, this has nothing to do with building. It's just grooming girls to start worrying about their appearance. And that means Lego has crossed the line into a very sad place.

While I'm sad but not surprised that this type of "beauty advice" is still getting pushed on girls, what makes this particularly awful is who's spreading it. Lego, after all, is the ultimate place where kids learn how to build skyscrapers, space ships, robots ... not get fed dangerous messages about their looks.

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I'm sure many moms would have never thought to check this magazine for questionable content. It's Lego, after all! But the ruse is up, Lego. You've let me down. Keep your beauty tips out of my house!

How do you feel about Lego giving beauty tips to girls?


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