16 Wild Ideas for Wacky Hair Day

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 16, 2015 Big Kid
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  • Zip It Up


    Image via Janayna Brockner

    Eerie, right? That's exactly the look you should be going for, here. A loose zipper (which you can find at any craft store) can easily be attached to the hair with sticky hair spray, and, if your kid is especially dedicated, you can shave the part between the two sides.

  • DIY Color


    Don't have the ready-made washable color hair spray? This DIY hair color ideas uses sidewalk chalk and easily rinses out at the end of the day.

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  • The Spotted Style


    Image via Janayna Brockner

    Dinosaurs, cheetahs, lizards, the spotted animal inspiration is fairly extensive. So instead of spraying the hair all over, spray some dye into a bowl, and use a make-up brush to gently and precisely outline and fill each of the dots.

  • A Bird's Nest


    Image via My Imaginary Blog

    This time around, saying your child's hair looks like a bird nest does not actually mean it's a crazy mess. It's actually a pretty literal description. With some Easter swag (a chick, and mini eggs), you can create a simple braid and fill with treats for a bird's nest hair look.

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