16 Wild Ideas for Wacky Hair Day

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 16, 2015 Big Kid

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Once a year, it's time to bust out the colored hairspray and stretchy ties because it's wacky hair day at school, and all the kids are competing. Set the alarms early, do a practice run the week before, and get ready to deck out the kiddo's hair in the most insane 'do possible. Want to know what it takes to create a hair masterpiece? It can be as easy as 1-2-3, thanks to these simple and creative wacky hair day ideas. Check 'em out!

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Luckily, we've found some wacky hair day inspiration for the mom who is going through her first wacky hair day and needs a little encouragement. It can be a little overwhelming to create a wacky 'do that is creative AND funny AND takes the 10 minutes before the bus comes. But that's where we come in. These hairstyles are sure to impress at school and make kids think their parents are the coolest.  Have a child who wants to go really wild? We have a 'do for them. Maybe something that lets everyone know his or her favorite dinosaur? Yup, we have one of those too! Take a look through this list that will quickly conjure up some inspiration. That way, a mom can just get her supplies -- and her wacky hair wearer -- ready in the morning in no time!

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#14 is a total illusion! Which one will be a wacky hair day  favorite?

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