And ... Boom! 4-Year-Old's Comeback to Boy Who Called Her 'Ugly' Is Perfect (VIDEO)

miss cici video boy called uglyThis little girl has just become our role model -- and she should be our daughters' role model too. When a boy told 4-year-old Miss Cici that she looked "ugly" in their pre-kindergarten class at school one day, she had the perfect response. "Miss Cici" didn't sink to his level, she didn't cry, and she didn't tell the teacher. Her response was So. Much. Better.


Here's the video of Miss Cici's mom asking her about what happened. (You are going to want to share this with your daughters.)

"Little boy said I looked ... ugly." It was hard for her to get that word out because she knew it was an unkind thing to say.

But don't you love her response?

"I didn't come here to make a fashion statement. I came here to learn, not look pretty."


We love the self-confidence she exudes.

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And when the little boy kept at her, telling her she looked "bad," she shut him down for good:

"Did you look in the mirror lately? Buh-bye, see you later."

See you later, indeed ... Miss Cici obviously has much more important things to do. And hopefully that little boy learned a thing or two about messing with girls. He's only in pre-kindergarten, so there's still time.


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What do you think of this little spitfire?


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