12 Easter Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves (No Real Eggs Required!)

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 12, 2020 Big Kid
12 Easter Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves (No Real Eggs Required!)

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Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Easter egg crafts, particularly coloring Easter eggs, is all fun and games until the shells crack and Mom's left with a smelly, egg-y mess, stinky, spilled vinegary dye in every color, and free-flowing tears (hers and the kids'). So why not ditch the dozen and go for some more mess-free Easter craft options instead? Save everyone (and the kitchen table) from the usual unruly crafting disaster this year.

When the kids are little, they love to color and craft and glue and make pretty things to hang up for their parents and families to enjoy around the holidays. Of course, some of these lovely decorations leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the actual execution ... and messy aftermath! That's why we set out to find our readers some Easter-egg-themed crafts that kids can make pretty much on their own. The kids can get their creative juices flowing and not leave their parents with a grody disaster to clean up for once.

Add in a little bit of creativity with some simple materials like craft string, plastic eggs, a potato, or a little bubble wrap, and these egg-free Easter crafts will make holiday prep quite fun. Our project picks are colorful, themed, and easy enough for even the youngest DIYers and makers. It's going to be great to hang these up when they're all done!


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