20 Clever Traps to Catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 2, 2018 Big Kid
20 Clever Traps to Catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day
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With the the Elf on the Shelf back at the North Pole and St. Patrick's day quickly approaching, it's time for kids to start plotting their mischievous plans. Parents know exactly what we're talking about: This time of year, it's kiddos' mission to trap the leprechaun, and outsmarting him with a clever display is step one. In addition to eating and wearing all things green, little ones can get creative with this playful tradition; it lets crafty kiddos get into the holiday spirit by coming up with special ideas to capture the magical leprechaun.

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Luckily, families can easily make leprechaun traps at home. Using everyday crafting items and some kitchen pantry tools, kids can easily find a way to lure the guy with the gold into their traps. Whether they are looking for a Pinterest-worthy idea that will win any class prize or inspiration that utilizes recycled goods, there are a variety of ways to get in on this St. Patrick's Day tradition. Before the sneaky leprechaun has a chance to wreak any havoc, let them get to work personalizing their DIY creations with everything from Legos and chalkboard paint to cereal and cake!

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Get inspired with these festive ideas ahead!

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  • Hamper Trap


    Beyond its already many convenient uses (and holding laundry is easily the most popular), laundry baskets will also come in handy this St. Patrick's Day. This handy leprechaun trap from The Idea Room uses a stick, a laundry hamper, and a well-placed pot-o'-gold. In other words -- parents have everything lying around the house!

  • Cake Trap


    Now kids can have their trap and eat it too! This leprechaun trap cake from Not Martha has a rainbow interior and a yummy center pretzel trap to catch the elusive little guy. Complete the confection with an adorable edible ladder and no leprechaun will be able to resist.

  • Lego Trap


    Now parents can put all those Lego bricks to great use with this hilarious (and well-engineered!) Lego leprechaun trap from Tips & Tidbits. Kids just need plenty of pieces and, of course, a Lego leprechaun minifigure, but it'll keep the kids occupied for at least one whole afternoon.

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  • Inn Trap


    Nothing screams "enter here!" like a welcoming inn, when, in fact, it'll catch the little bugger. This inn-disguised leprechaun trap from MollyMoo not only oozes with hospitality thanks to the welcoming flowers, but will also trap the fella as efficiently as possible.

  • Chalkboard Trap


    Ah, chalkboard paint, the love of all dedicated DIYers. Crafters can put it on boards, walls, and virtually anything else. And better yet, parents can put it to good use when creating this chalkboard leprechaun trap that gives kids the ability to change up their rainbow designs.

  • Strawberry Basket Trap


    Who doesn't have a ton of leftover strawberry buckets? And they're green, so why not use them for this leprechaun trap craft? Simply tie a string from the treasure to the stick, and watch the whole thing collapse, trapping the little guy inside before he has a chance to escape.

  • Tempting Trap


    Leprechauns are like kids: Tell them they can't do something, and they'll do exactly that. Sounds like wicked reverse psychology, so why not try it with this tempting leprechaun trap? Post a "No Leprechauns Allowed" sign and just watch as they all scurry in its direction.

  • Oatmeal Container Trap


    With some gold paint and colorful sticks, little ones can repurpose any old oatmeal container into a luring leprechaun trap, according to Grey House Harbor. No oatmeal container? Pringles cans and breadcrumbs containers will do in a pinch. Get it? Pinch?!

  • Cereal Box Trap


    Grab that cereal box and get to work! This deconstructed cereal box leprechaun trap uses construction paper, cotton balls, a stick, string, and some imagination to catch the little man with the pot o' gold. Bonus points for Lucky Charms! 

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  • Golden Trap


    This DIY leprechaun trap also uses a recycled oatmeal container, but the secret here is in the special interior decoration. Click through to see photos of the magical golden draw inside this little home that kids will go nuts over.

  • Lucky Charms Trap


    Let's be real, there's no doubt that Lucky Charms are the perfect go-to leprechaun trap bait. And in this homemade trap, children use the little marshmallow cereal treats to lure the guy in. Just make sure the kids can stop eating these sweet treats long enough to build their trap.

  • Mason Jar Trap


    This sneaky tall mason jar trap lures mischievous little leprechauns in with the sight of visible gold, but once they slip in, there's no way out. Plus, the glass view makes it easy for little ones to peek in and see if they caught any leprechaun magic yet. 

  • Cup Trap


    For the budding mechanic, engineer a clever cup trap with a DIY lever. Place the alluring pot of gold under a cup and once the leprechaun tries to grab it, the lever will move and the green cup will fall down, trapping him. 

  • Baby Wipes Trap


    Give an old baby wipes container (or any type of wipe container) new life by spray-painting it gold. Leprechauns won't be able to resist the sparkling new finish, and fluffy clouds at the end of the rainbow will distract them from realizing they're about to fall into a hidden opening. 

  • Coffee Tin Trap


    For the coffee-drinking house, upcycle an empty container and fill it with glitter leading to the trap's opening. For the final magical (and theme-appropriate touch), make a cloud out of coffee flitters for a serene rainbow setting that no leprechaun can resist. 

  • Rainbow Popsicle Stick Trap


    It takes more than luck to catch a leprechaun, but this rainbow trap might be magical enough to get the job done. This simple craft allows kids the chance to build their custom creations without needing a ton of supples to bring their traps to life. 

  • Recycled House Trap


    Hey, leprechauns love green after all, so set the right tone by opting for an eco-friendly creation made entirely from recycled supplies. After hunting for boxes, bottles, or cans, kids can create an inviting home to throw off a sneaky leprechaun. 

  • Slide Trap


    Kids can trick leprechauns and their friends into thinking that they're in for a day of fun activities with with a paper towel tube slide that leads to a hidden tissue box compartment. From the happy signs and adorable ladder, leprechauns won't be able to see the trap coming! 

  • Tissue Box Trap


    Used tissue boxes already come with the perfect "fake door" already assembled for leprechauns to fall through after being tempted over. Simply paint the plastic around the opening the same color as the box and the built-in trap entrance will blend right in. Hang some gold over it and watch him fall for it (literally!). 

  • Motel Trap


    Catch them off guard by setting the scene and creating a relaxing cottage that leprechauns will be eager to retreat to. Kids can use an insect cage or mini mailbox for their inviting hotel and fill it with gold coins for the perfect touch.

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