Hot Toys for 2015 That Moms Will Play With More Than Their Kids

Caroline Olney | Feb 20, 2015 Big Kid
Hot Toys for 2015 That Moms Will Play With More Than Their Kids

We know we're all thinking it, so we'll say it: playing with kids can be boorrring. Yeah, it's not what moms are supposed to say, but really. How many games of Hungry Hungry Hippos can one woman take?

What we need more of are toys that moms are going to enjoy -- whether that's because they're usable, wearable, or straight-up fun for adults, too. With this in mind, we scoured the 2015 International Toy Fair for toys that moms will love just as much as their kids will. Check out what we found!

Would you have secretly loved #4? We know we would!


Image via Oksana Kuzmina/shutterstock

  • Zip Line, $165.00


    Image via Adventure Parks

    Okay, so zip-lining over your backyard isn't as glamorous as zip-lining over the Costa Rican rainforest, but you can ride this one as many times as you'd like. Wait, didn't we mention? This 90 foot zip line from Adventure Parks is adult-friendly (it can hold up to 250 lbs), which means you can enjoy them just as much as the kids will.

  • Tea Set, $85.00


    Image via Reutter Porzellan

    Tea time means this: You get to sit, relax, and enjoy a cup of tea (or perhaps a hot toddy for mom?) while munching on all those crustless cucumber sandwiches you made for the kids. Win-win for everyone. And how gorgeous are these tea sets from Reutter Porzellan? We especially love the Peter Rabbit ones -- classic!

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  • Charmazing Bracelets, $6.99


    Image via Style Me Up

    We love friendship bracelets. We do. But there's something about these Charmazing bracelets that's just a touch more sophisticated than string and pony beads. If (and when) the kids make an armful for you, it won't be as much of a chore to wear them out.

  • Frozen Karaoke, $79.99


    Image via Target

    Admittedly, at first glance this doesn't look like something that moms are going to love. But hear us out. What's the best way to de-stick songs from your head? Belt them out, of course. And Frozen karaoke is the best outlet to rid yourself of Let it Go for a couple of days, because it counts as playing with your kids, too. Plus, the machine hooks up to phones and iPods, so you can also rock it out with other tunes.

  • Build-A-Tree House, $160.00


    Image via Tree Blocks

    The beauty of this Build-A-Tree House is just that ... beauty. You and the kids can assemble it together, and then it's a toy tree house that's not ... horrible. Anyone who's sick of gaudy plastic toys in awful colors cluttering the house will understand the simple beauty of this -- it's functional art that kids can be proud of making, AND it will help restore the atmosphere of your home.

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  • Sands Alive, $16.29


    Image via Amazon

    Sands Alive is indoor sand -- meaning that it sticks to itself instead of little hands and feet. It's messless (sigh) and totally fun to play with, even for moms.

  • Potholder Loom, $16.95


    These Potholder Looms give kids the template and the how-to to weave 100 percent useful gifts for mom. Here's the best part: it's pretty impossible to make the potholders look bad because Harrisville Designs sells themed color packs of the elastics, AND they offer free weaving patterns on their website for all those color-impaired kids out there.

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