The Biggest Homeschooling Trend in America Has Nothing to Do With Religion

It's pretty widely assumed that parents choose to homeschool their kids because of religious or moral differences with the school system (hello, Duggars). And for some parents, that's true. But that's not why an increasing number of parents are going the learn at home route. More and more moms have been pulling their kids from schools because of something totally different: school-related racism.


According to the National Home Education Research Institute, black families are one of the fastest-growing demographics in homeschooling -- an estimated 220,000 black children are currently being homeschooled. That brings them up to 10 percent of the homeschooling population, which is pretty significant if you consider that black students only make up 16 percent of the student body of public schools.

Though there are obviously other factors involved in such a big decision, a 2012 survey of black homeschooling families found that most parents pulled their children from schools to avoid school-related racism from both the children's teachers and peers.

Further proof racial issues could be driving the homeschool trend? The same study reported that many black parents who homeschooled their children taught a less "Euro-centric" world history curriculum. Instead of only looking back as far as the slave trade in African American history, they spend more time teaching about African cultures and civilizations that reach as far back as their European counterparts.

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It's hard to say there isn't a problem when hundreds of thousands of moms across the country feel that the public school system doesn't treat their kids fairly. Educating them at home gives the kids a more nurturing environment in which to learn, as well as topics and teaching styles that are tailored specifically to them.

Do you think homeschooling will give kids a better education?


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