Best & Worst States at Dealing With Bullying: How Scary Is It Where You Live?

boy being bullied with kick me signCyberbullying, physical harassment, and emotional torment are all parts of one of the biggest traumas kids face these days: bullying. According to, about half of the students in the United States will experience bullying, with one act of bullying occurring every seven minutes.


On February 9, we all join together in light of Stop Bullying Day in an effort to teach children how to respond and report when they experience or witness bullying.

And to help us better understand where we can still make progress, WalletHub measured the level of bullying in 42 states and the District of Columbia (because of data limitation, California, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington were excluded from research) to highlight the long-term financial effects of this type of violence.

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In fact, WalletHub notes a report completed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which says that the average American public school will incur more than $2.3 million in lost funding because of bullying effects. These include disciplinary actions like suspensions, expulsions, and alternative placements, costs to repair vandalism, as well as lower attendance rates.

By analyzing these bullying rates and truancy costs for schools, the organization was able to rank the states, in order of best to worst, all based on how effective they were in controlling bullying.

Take a look at the list below to see how your state measured up.

10 best states at controlling bullying (from best to worse):

1. Massachusetts

2. Rhode Island

3. Oklahoma

4. Delaware

5. District of Columbia

6. Nebraska

7. New Mexico

8. Kentucky

9. North Carolina

10. Florida.

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10 worst states at controlling bullies (from bad to worst):

10. Idaho

9. Arizona

8. Michigan

7. Illinois

6. Tennessee

5. North Dakota

4. Montana

3. Missouri

2. Louisiana

1. Arkansas

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Head on over to WalletHub to check out how the rest of the states ranked.

Did your state make the list? Are you surprised by the rankings?


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