100+ Fun Winter Activities for Kids -- for Both Indoors & Outdoors!

Caroline Olney | Feb 9, 2015 Big Kid
100+ Fun Winter Activities for Kids -- for Both Indoors & Outdoors!

We're reaching that point in winter where it seems like kids spend more days at home than at school ... whether it's yet another snow day or maybe a cough or cold that just won't quit. Sure, it's nice to spend some extra time with the kids, but if you really can't stand watching Frozen one more time and need something a bit more inspired, check out this list of winter activities for kids.

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You're guaranteed to find something to do, whether you have no snow or too much snow; sick kids or cooped up and crazy kids. You can prep for Valentine's Day, hunker down indoors, or venture outside. So turn off the TV and look at this like quality time with the kiddos -- which it is, after all. Enjoy it!

What's your family's favorite snow day tradition?


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  • Cardboard Box Crafts


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    Alright, so the snow is piling up outside, you can't get the car out of the driveway, and you've got a couple of restless kids who don't want to go outside. You need crafts that only require things you already have in the house ... like cardboard boxes! Try one of these 14 cardboard box crafts for hours of fun ... with no extra materials needed.

  • Creative DIY Valentines for Kids


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    Valentine's Day will always sneak up on you, so if you're stuck inside anyways, why not get a head start? These creative, homemade Valentines will be best of show in the classroom when V-Day rolls around, AND most are easy enough for kids to do themselves. 

  • Valentine's Day Crafts Kids Can Make


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    If you've already finished all your Valentine's cards, why not make festive Valentine's crafts to freshen up the house? All of these adorable Valentine's Day crafts are easy and fun for kids to help with, and what a great way to kill a cold February snow day. Check 'em out!

  • Indoor Snowmen Crafts


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    Maybe it's too cold for snow to be fun, or too warm for snow period, but regardless of the reason, there's an alternative to the traditional, 100 percent snow snowman: the indoor snowman. These 12 warm winter crafts will give you and the kids the satisfaction of making snowmen without waiting on the weather.

  • A Classic Chewdunnit!


    The Cookie Thief, an all-new one-hour movie with guest star Rachel Dratch, debuts Monday, February 16 on PBS KIDS, kicking off a week of new episodes of the iconic series. Click here for more information.

  • Snow Recipes


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    Do you ever feel like there's just so much snow, and you don't know what to do with it all? Well ... how about turn it into a frozen daiquiri? There are, of course, kid-friendly snow recipes too. Try snow ice cream or snow candy or actual snow cones. You'll love them all!

  • Sick Day Activities


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    There are a million winter-related reasons your kids could be stuck home from school, and they don't all come with snow or bedridden-ness. This list of activities for sick kids stuck at home is great for focusing stir-crazy energy away from Mom's nerves.

  • Ideas for Indoor Winter Fun


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    Sure, most kids love playing in the snow, but after the second fifth seventh snow day in a row, there might not be any more space in the yard left for another snowman. Still, that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Try these ideas for indoor fun in the winter -- your cooped up kids will love cotton ball snowball fights and indoor treasure hunts!

  • Snowman Building Checklist


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    Building a snowman is an essential snow day activity, but it can be trickier than it looks. This checklist of snowman-building supplies will help you remember all the must-haves and leave you with an adorable, rosy-cheeked snowman friend.

  • Snow Creations to Try With Kids


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    Alright, fine. Maybe a gigantic snow castle is a little ambitious, but there are definitely some incredible snow creations on this list that you and your kids can handle. How about a colorful igloo? Or an army of mini snowmen? Sure, it'll take a little creativity, but your yard will be the talk of the town!

  • Stages of Snow Days


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    At this point, you're either saying something along the lines of, "WOW! Awesome ideas! Snow ice cream! So clever!" OR you're rolling your eyes and saying, "Been there, tried that!" as the kids yank on your sleeves or smash lamps in the living room. Have you heard of the 12 stages of snow days? Because guess what? You're in them.

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