100+ Fun Winter Activities for Kids -- for Both Indoors & Outdoors!

Caroline Olney | Feb 9, 2015 Big Kid

We're reaching that point in winter where it seems like kids spend more days at home than at school ... whether it's yet another snow day or maybe a cough or cold that just won't quit. Sure, it's nice to spend some extra time with the kids, but if you really can't stand watching Frozen one more time and need something a bit more inspired, check out this list of winter activities for kids.

winter activities

You're guaranteed to find something to do, whether you have no snow or too much snow; sick kids or cooped up and crazy kids. You can prep for Valentine's Day, hunker down indoors, or venture outside. So turn off the TV and look at this like quality time with the kiddos -- which it is, after all. Enjoy it!

What's your family's favorite snow day tradition?


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