9-Year-Old Suspended for Threatening to Use 'Lord of the Rings' Magic on Classmate

If there's one movie or book that comes to mind when we think "slice of life," it's Lord of the Rings, what with its realistic elves, hobbits, and wizards. One school in Texas apparently thinks the fantasy Tolkien books pose a potential danger because its administration reportedly suspended a 9-year-old student for threatening to use Lord of the Rings magic to make one of his classmate's vanish.


While reportedly playing a game of make-believe, Aiden Stewart told one of this classmates at Kermit Elementary School that he could make him disappear using his magic ring, one he says came from Middle Earth.

Adorable, don't you think? Aiden and his family had just watched The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, and like lots of little kids, the fourth grader was exercising his vivid imagination by pretending he was a character from the film. He reportedly put the ring on his peer's head and told him he was going to make his invisible like Bilbo Baggins.

Principal Roxanne Greer won't reportedly comment about the decision to suspend the child for making so-called threats, but Aiden's family is, obviously, not happy about this. Since they moved to this school district six months ago, Aiden has reportedly been suspended three times—twice for calling a classmate "black" and once for bringing a book called The Big Book of Knowledge to school, which featured a section on pregnancy.

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This is just another example of how everyone is so cautious these days that tons of students are being suspended or expelled for doing things that wouldn't have even required a verbal warning 30 years ago. I can't help but wonder if, because he has been in trouble before, teachers don't automatically assume the things Aiden does require discipline if they are even slightly out of the norm, which is super sad because no child deserves to be treated like a suspect at all times.

We can't comment on his past suspensions because we don't know enough about them, but based on what we do know about this one, it seems absurd to punish a kid for having an imagination.

What do you think about this suspension?


Image via Rosana Prada/Flickr


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