24 Popular Kids Movies With Naughty Adult Jokes

Toy storyWhether you're re-watching old kids' movies from your childhood, or marathoning new cartoons with the kids, it seems like there are always little moments we initially missed. You know exactly what those are. The hidden adult jokes and not-so-G-rated lines make viewing Cars for the thousandth time that much more entertaining.


In fact, did you know countless kids' movies actually have adult jokes? From Toy Story to Shrek, these family-friendly flicks are littered with cheeky puns and some NSFK (not safe for kids) jokes.

So parents, heed this warning before you turn on the following movies. And good luck trying to explain to the kids why you're cackling uncontrollably at the "Piston Cups" joke.

Snort. Did you catch #12 when you watched it?


Image via Walt Disney Studios

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