'Like a Girl' Super Bowl Ad Is a Major Win for Girl Power (VIDEO)

fight like a girl always ad super bowlAlthough we know it definitely isn't only men who will be tuning in to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, the event is typically thought of as one geared toward the guys. And that's why it's an even bigger, more exciting coup that Always is bringing their groundbreaking "Like a Girl" campaign to the big game!


This abbreviated, 60-second version of the viral ad, which first debuted this past summer and was directed by Lauren Greenfield, will air during the Super Bowl, reaching a massive audience! 

Check it out.


As moms and girls who've grown up into women, we know full well just how using the phrase "like a girl" derisively can have a huge, lasting impact on girls' confidence. The idea that this inspiring message is now being broadcast not only on a much bigger, but also historically male-dominated stage is incredible.

After all, according to research commissioned by Always, 76 percent of young women aged 16 to 24 said they no longer saw "like a girl" as an insult after watching the ad. And two out of three men who watched it said they would think twice before using the phrase as an insult.

Clearly, the powerful message has left a lasting impression, having been viewed more than 80 million times in 150 countries.

But being that only half of American girls, and even fewer men and boys, have seen the spot, it's high time the message reached a broader audience.

As Always Global VP Fama Francisco put it in a statement released this morning, taking #LikeaGirl to the Super Bowl means "even more people can join us to champion girls' confidence and change the meaning of 'like a girl' from an insult into something positive and amazing." And if that isn't something to root for, we don't know what is!

What do you wish "like a girl" could mean to everyone in the future?


Image via Always/YouTube

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