10 Wackiest Demands Parents Have Made of Birthday Party Guests

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Just in case you avoid news stories that make you want to grab people by the shoulders and shake some sense into them, a 5-year-old boy made headlines when he was charged actual money for missing his friend's birthday party (around $24). Now, if you're like most sane human beings, your shocked reaction to this occurrence was something along the lines of, "That's crazy! What's the matter with parents these days, getting so crazy about birthday parties?!" 


But perhaps you've had the misfortune of dealing with some similarly crazy types, in which case your reaction might have been exactly the same, except with an added sigh of recognition/resignation.

Such was the case with the moms and dads we talked to, all of whom have experienced birthday party madness in the form of ludicrous demands made of guests, tantrums (from parents, not kids!), and the like -- and were willing to share their birthday party horror stories. Read 'em and weep ... or, better yet, laugh!

1. All kids had to wear a bowtie, or large hair bow for girls. I'm actually on the fence as to whether this was kooky or cute! Rachael K. 

2. Guests were asked not to wear the color red, like at all, because it was the birthday boy's favorite color and he would freak out if anybody else was wearing it. Anonymous

3. My daughter was asked to wear a black gown and high heels to a Sweet 16 party. I'm sure this acquaintance spent over $10,000 on this party. That's ridiculous to me! Anna P. 

4. My son, who was 4 at the time, got sick and couldn't go to his friend's party. I emailed the mom to let her know we couldn't make it -- and she wrote me back that thanks to people like me, her son's birthday was completely ruined. Would it have been better if I brought my sick child to a place where he could have infected a bunch of other kids?! Anonymous

5. We were asked to attend a birthday party even though the birthday child was sick and wouldn't be there. So bizarre! Anonymous

6. Cash only for gifts! Beret N.

7. Gifts were supposed to have something to do with "zoo animals" because that was the party theme. Seriously?! Marie B. 

8. It wasn't an official request, but one of my kid's friend's moms made sure all the parents of guests knew not to let their kids have a single bite of birthday cake before her son did, because it was his day and she didn't want him to have a tantrum. I said we were busy and couldn't go to the party! Anonymous 

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9. A friend of mine who literally called me sobbing hysterically last year when her 4-year old's birthday "plans" went awry. The two voicemails she left me totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of eight minutes -- when I first started listening, I wondered whether or not there had been a death, or at the very least an emergency room visit. Nope. Turns out there was a hair emergency of epic proportions. These voicemails came in at about 6:45 a.m. and went something like this:

I don't know what to do! 'Princess' (as we'll call her) has her special birthday party at preschool today, I had a custom dress made, it even has a custom and bedazzled P on it. The photographer is arriving at school in an hour. I have cupcakes being delivered. And last night I told my nanny to wash her hair and make it look extra special for her party. But my nanny put something TERRIBLE in her hair. Some oil or something and I cannot get it out. I don't know what it is. And I've been washing and washing her hair since 6 a.m. I've called my nanny over and over again and she's not picking up, and I am going to scream at her and tell her to come over here right now and get this out of my daughter's hair. She looks awful. I think I have to call the photographer and cancel and reschedule this party. I can't have her looking like this in the pictures! I need help, I really need help!

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I got two of these messages, the second more dramatic than the first. Anonymous

10. All kids would have to change out of their clothes and into cloth jumpsuits, because the birthday girl had severe allergies. Of course, the birthday girl had a ginormous fancy dress on, while the guests looked like mini prisoners. Lynne F. 

What's the craziest birthday party request you've ever gotten?

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