13 Surprises Parents Have Found on Their Phones, Thanks to Their Kids

Judy Dutton | Feb 3, 2015 Big Kid
13 Surprises Parents Have Found on Their Phones, Thanks to Their Kids

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What's the easiest way to placate your kids? Hand them your smartphone, of course! Yet while you might assume they're just playing Angry Birds, be warned: they may have figured out how to work the camera and started snapping some pretty surprising (and often eyebrow raising!) pics.

In case you're curious what could be going on behind your back, check out these stories about photos that moms were surprised to find on their phones, courtesy of their kids.

The girl who took #10 was caught red handed! Shouldn't she have erased the evidence?


Image © Sigrid Gombert/cultura/Corbis

  • My What Big Cheeks You Have!


    Image via Sam A.

    "When my son got an iPod for Christmas a few years ago, he discovered these photo booth apps that allowed him to 'inflate' us in the 'fat booth' or age us in the 'wrinkle booth' and even give us all sorts of crazy facial hair. I didn't know he'd put the apps on my phone until I found this crazy photo of him!"

  • Sit, Stay, Shoot


    Image via Brian Barnett/Flickr

    "I wish I had kept the silly photos my 3-year-old has taken. Once I found a picture of the inside of my dog's ear and then a really close-up of her eyeball. It took me awhile to figure out what the ear was, until I found a stream of pictures taken by my up-and-coming photographer including big toe shots, dog's wet nose, and one looking up into her nose."

  • 'Stuffed' Animal


    Image via Ben A.

    "My son is obsessed with stuffed animals -- he's constantly doing selfies with them -- and this is one he had his brother take. I affectionately caption it, 'Is this a husky in your pants or are you just happy to see me?'"

  • Lalaloopsy Whoops!


    Image via Cecilia Coelho/Flickr

    "I had to go to my doctor's office for an after-work appointment, and my husband couldn't watch our then 6-year-old daughter. The doctor offered to lock the little room off of his office so we could have privacy to talk, but she would be safe -- and she could just knock on the door if she needed me. I gave her my phone to watch a video while I talked to the doctor. Little did I know that she found the phone's camera function and had begun taking a series of photos of her own eye, her doll's eye, her doll's feet, her doll's nose ... I didn't even find out until weeks later when I was looking through my phone and realized I had Lalaloopsy's whole anatomy in photos!"

  • Feelings...


    "Here's one of the zillion random selfies I find on my phone from my daughter, as well as a collage of 'all the feelings she was feeling in one moment' as captured by her."

  • Look, Ma, Laser Vision!


    Image via Andi Kimbrough

    "My sons Austin, 11, and Nolan, 9, are the culprits of this photo. Both boys love to play with apps that let them embellish their pics. They never mention the little surprise photos they leave me, most of which seem to occur while in the car, probably waiting for me to run in somewhere. I discovered this one after I uploaded a batch to my computer, which totally made my day! So funny and creative."

  • Hello Kitty!


    "My 4-year-old daughter looooves her Hello Kitty shoes, so it makes sense that she'd snap some photos of them one day when I handed her my phone."

  • Pet Poses


    Image via Kurosawa Michiyo/Flickr

    "I once found a series of photos on my phone of our guinea pig in a variety of poses around the house. A few winners were Pepper (the guinea pig) on top of the coffee maker, in a towel inside the microwave (happily, the door was open!), and on a pool float in the pool. The funniest part was that I had no idea this photo session had taken place until I found the pictures on my phone. Since Pepper was still safe and happy inside his cage, I couldn’t really be mad at the photojournalists in my home!"

  • Backseat Photographer


    "When my daughter was 2, she learned how to use the camera on my phone and started taking pictures of me while I was driving. I had no idea she'd been taking pictures of me for weeks until one day I was flipping through my phone and found them. I couldn't figure out how they got there, until I discovered she'd learned to use the phone!"

  • Don't Cry and Tell


    Image © CAMERIQUE/Corbis

    "Once I found a video of my oldest daughter being mean to her little sister, who started to cry. At the time, my oldest had sworn she hadn't done anything to her to make her cry, so I let her off the hook ... only later on, I saw this video. Let's just say she got in trouble for being mean AND for lying!"

  • You Downloaded What?!


    Image © Found Image Press/Corbis

    "I have let my son play with my phone, and he downloaded pics of scantily clad women!"

  • Points Won for Brotherly Love


    Image via Becky Ludwig

    "My 12-year-old son Blake and I were doing the yard markers at his older brother Chris's middle school football game. When I found this picture, I laughed out loud at how Blake was trying to be so serious and official at his big brother's game. They claim not to even like each other, but when I realized he had posted his pic on Instagram, it became clear to me that he not only likes Chris, he's proud of him too."

  • New/Old Look


    Image via Sam A.

    "My son was up to his old tricks again -- this time at his grandmother's expense. He distorted her image by putting her through the 'aging booth' and the 'mustache booth' apps. It scared the hell out of me when I found it in my camera roll. Though she does bear a striking resemblance to actor Tom Skerritt, right?"

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