11 Craziest Things Teachers Have Ever Said to Kids

Suzee Skwiot | Feb 13, 2015 Big Kid

bad teacher cameron diazYou send them off on the school bus, or drop them off at the front door, but when you leave your children at school and in the hands of the teacher, you expect the instructor to impart them with lifelong wisdom and plenty of real-life knowledge. You imagine their days are filled with inspirational words and constructive feedback. You don't expect insults or rude statements from your child's teacher. But even teachers can have their "off days" and can leave their students with some less-than-inspirational songs.

We consulted with parents to find the most ridiculous things teachers have ever told their children. And hold on to your seats, because some of these are just a doozy.

What is the craziest thing your child has ever heard from a teacher?



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  • Name Change


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    "My oldest son's pre-k teacher told him his name was spelled wrong. His name is Thour. She told him it was spelled Thor."

    -- JAIRATRACI/CafeMom

  • Date Planner


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    "One of the teachers told my son she was going to help me find a good man so he could have a baby brother or sister."

    -- aj23/CafeMom

  • And Never Was Heard An Encouraging Word ...


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    "When my oldest was in fifth grade he came home and told me that the band director told him 'You won't amount to anything.'"

    -- steelcrazy/CafeMom

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  • Real Motivation


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    "[My daughter's teacher] made a comment that 'she can't get by on looks.' What the f***!??? I was pissed and sure let her know how inappropriate she was. My daughter didn't get straight A's or anything, but she wasn't failing... so, what the hell does that mean in fourth grade? My daughter isn't trying to get by on her looks. We changed schools after that."

    -- chinosruca/CafeMom

  • "Normalizing" the Kids


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    "I had a special ed preschool teacher tell me that her job was to make her students 'look normal.' Hmmm, and here I thought she was supposed to educate them, silly me."

    -- Gloria1025/CafeMom

  • No Imagination Allowed


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    "My daughter's kindergarten teacher told me during a parent meeting that my daughter had too much imagination. That bugged me. Apparently she told a story to the class about being in outer space and described what the earth looked like from up there. The kids believed she really had been up in space, and it really bothered the teacher that my daughter didn't end the story with 'not really, it's just a story.' She told us that my daughter couldn't tell the difference between reality and fiction, and we should mention that to her doctor."

    -- norahsmommy/CafeMom

  • Church and School


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    "Her public school teacher told (made) her class to pray because children are close to angels and angels are close to God, so God will listen to them. There is no 'version of the truth' here. I was in the classroom when it happened, and I was livid."

    -- DrunkenFaeGirl/CafeMom

  • Parents' Homework


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    "My son's teacher last year [said] that if I didn't fill out the survey they had sent home, she would call Social Services on us. I thought there had to have been a misunderstanding. Who would call Social Services over a Military Family Survey?"

    -- lilmoosesmom/CafeMom

  • Now Listen Up!


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    "When my oldest daughter was in 10th grade, she started having MORE problems with bullying than she had had before. She had plenty before, but they got worse. So the first time, the school called me, and I had an interview with the assistant principal. He suggested that [my daughter] should just let it all roll off of her."

    -- okpondlady/CafeMom

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  • The Truth About Santa


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    "My son's teacher told him since he didn't have a fireplace, Santa probably wouldn't come."

    -- kerriebear88/CafeMom

  • Actually, Don't Raise Your Hand


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    "[The worst thing a teacher ever said to my child was] to put her hand down and let the boys answer for a while. [Pretty much] the same thing I was told by both male and female teachers. It's sad that we tell girls their minds are worth nothing, especially in this day and age."

    -- DisabledVet/CafeMom


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