11 Craziest Things Teachers Have Ever Said to Kids

bad teacher cameron diazYou send them off on the school bus, or drop them off at the front door, but when you leave your children at school and in the hands of the teacher, you expect the instructor to impart them with lifelong wisdom and plenty of real-life knowledge. You imagine their days are filled with inspirational words and constructive feedback. You don't expect insults or rude statements from your child's teacher. But even teachers can have their "off days" and can leave their students with some less-than-inspirational songs.


We consulted with parents to find the most ridiculous things teachers have ever told their children. And hold on to your seats, because some of these are just a doozy.

What is the craziest thing your child has ever heard from a teacher?



Image via Gemma LaMana/Sony Pictures Entertainment

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