11 'I'm Sorry'​​ Letters From Kids Who Actually Aren't a Bit Sorry

Jacqueline Burt Cote | Feb 12, 2015 Big Kid

child's apology letter

As any parent can tell you, that whole "love means never having to say you're sorry" thing doesn't necessarily apply to kids. Chalk it up to still-developing impulse control or a not-yet-firm grasp on socially acceptable behavior, but most little ones seem to find themselves doing a lot of apologizing (to siblings and teachers, in particular). 

An unexpectedly hilarious perk of the ongoing remorse of childhood (at least for parents)? The apology letter, of course! Typically fraught with spelling errors and often scrawled in crayon, these priceless notes can provide laughs for years to come -- especially when they're of the not-so-sincere variety.

Check out our gallery and you won't be sorry!

What would you say if your kid handed over #8?


Image via Passive Aggressive Notes

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