Making Snow Slime Is a Fun Winter Craft Even Tweens Can't Resist

With winter in full effect, I find my kids are spending a little more time indoors, and as always, they look to me to cure their indoor boredom blues.

I found a Snow Slime craft on Pinterest that I thought might be right up their alley, but I had reservations about the mess that it might cause. Was it sticky? Crumbly? Messy?


The recipe I chose to follow was traced from Pinterest back to Growing a Jeweled Rose, and it was nice to see that Snow Slime requires only four ingredients. I gathered together white glue, glitter, water, and Borax.

The Borax was the only tricky ingredient because it's not something I had at home, but I was pleased to find it was easily located in the detergent section. And now I have an entire box so making this recipe again will be a piece of cake!

I pulled my son in to help me mix the ingredients together. We added water, glue, and glitter to a large bowl and then mixed Borax and water in a second bowl. Once both bowls had been mixed well, we poured the Borax solution in with the glue solution and ended up creating one of my favorite Crafty Mom crafts to date!

Check it out!

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Have you tried making Snow Slime with your kids?

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