12 Things in Your Household That Could Be Killing Your Kid

boy with mask holding teddy

When it comes to poisons, you know the usual suspects to look out for. You wouldn't let your child play with, say, a box of rat bait. But scarily enough, we have more toxins lurking in our homes than you might believe.


According to the Environmental Defense Fund, a newborn's umbilical cord already contains 232 toxic chemicals. So before a baby is even born, they're exposed to toxins that we breathe in, eat, or absorb from our environment. And where do we spend the majority of our time? Home, which is suddenly not sounding so safe or sound.

True, it's not really practical to wrap your kiddo in bubble wrap for the rest of her life -- heck, that's probably dripping with dangerous chemicals, too! Here, we show you the 12 dangerous toxins that are crucial to be aware of and try to keep away from your child.

Does reading about #4 make you rethink hand washing?


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