18 Cute & Crafty DIY Valentines With a Sweet Surprise for Kids

Stephanie Booth | Jan 23, 2018 Big Kid
18 Cute & Crafty DIY Valentines With a Sweet Surprise for Kids

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Already, there's no shortage of Valentine's Day cards and treats for sale at stores! Some of them feature the most of-the-moment characters, from things like Star Wars, Lego Batman, Frozen, and Trolls.  But for parents and little ones who aren't finding exactly what they love in the Target aisles, there's nothing quite like grabbing the craft supplies and creating homemade Valentine's Day cards for family and friends. And there's nothing quite as sweet as a handmade card with a sugary treat attached.

Some people opt to skip all the sugar and food items on Love Day. But for those kids who most definitely want some candy and treats to be a part of their Valentine's Day swag, the sweet (literally!) cards and greetings on this list are the perfect fix. These DIY cards include candy, cookies, gum, and even Teddy Grahams as a sugary surprise. And the little tags, labels, and slogans they come with are just as nice.

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The best part of homemade cards is the opportunity to get a little more personal, whether that means adding unique creative touches or just letting kids choose and add their favorite desserts. Here, we've gathered some of the most unique and easily customizable valentines that give kids a chance to showcase the candy they love. Gather up the glue gun and glitter, then read through the slideshow for some clever and creative valentines that will help make Valentine's Day unforgettable.

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