Little Girl's 'Heartfelt' Christmas Letter to Mom Takes Unexpected Turn (PHOTO)

christmas letter

When you're a parent, one of greatest things about the holidays is receiving heartfelt gifts or letters from your children. Of course, seeing your little one's face light up Christmas morning is hard to top, but nothing can warm a mama's heart quite like a sweet, adorably misspelled note from a child. However, sometimes the notes moms and dads receive from their kids aren't so ... heartfelt. Downright hilarious? Yes. But, warm and fuzzy? Not so much. 

An aunt with a good sense of humor posted the Christmas letter her niece wrote to her mother to Reddit. And, while the letter starts off strong in the "feel all the feelings" department, it quickly takes a sharp right turn into the "oh, no she didn't" category. 

Check out the letter that won Christmas:


christmas letter

Amazing. Classic older sister, no? And, hey, at least she's expressing gratitude to her mother for putting up with a bratty kiddo -- even if said brat isn't her (of course it isn't).

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On the one hand, I'm sure Mom was slightly bummed out that her kids can't seem to get along (I mean, how could they, when one is such a brat?), but on the other, I can't imagine this didn't make her die laughing. And, hey, at least she can rest easy knowing she raised quite the clever little girl.

Happy Holidays, Mama! And good luck. I have a feeling you -- and your younger child -- are in for quite the ride with this little one. 

What's the funniest thing your child ever gave you?

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