21 Most Hilarious Answers Kids Have Given on School Tests (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Dec 17, 2014 Big Kid

funny test answerHere's a question for you: if a kid answers a question with an answer that's clever, sassy, but technically correct, do they still earn the grade? Maybe they should. Don't we want our kids to be creative? To think outside of the box? From inventing their own multiple-choice answers to pointing out the obvious, these hilarious test responses from students may not have sent them to the top of the class, but their parents should have gotten a good laugh out of them. We did! 

We consulted the Internet and moms to get the cheekiest, boldest, and funniest test responses from kids. Take a look at the slideshow below.

We would be so embarrassed if our kid did #17. What would you do?


Image via imgur.com


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