10 Non-Toy Gifts Kids Will Absolutely Love

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Well before the shopping extravaganza that is Black Friday, toy fever kicks in. Our little ones' requests for the latest dolls or video games are pretty much inevitable. But not every gift they receive this holiday season has to come shrinkwrapped in a box. Not even the most prized one! And hey -- it might be nice to actually surprise our kids this year. We rounded up 10 of the best, most creative non-toy gifts out there for kids.


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We all know that kids expect a lot during the holidays. Sometimes their Christmas wish lists can be pages and pages long. But we don't always want to give them a pile of presents that they'll either 1) open, play with once, and then never look at again or 2) complain about by saying they wanted a different one and then we need to go back to the store. Or maybe we just don't want our kids to focus on material gifts!

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Either way, a non-toy gift can be good way to get the kids learning something or out of the house; it can also be a fun way for everyone to spend time together. Plus, no need to buy gift wrap! So read on and take a look at these great gifts ideas that folks should invest in this holiday season -- it might just start some new holiday traditions!

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