Hot Holiday Toys of 2014 Put to the Test (PHOTOS)

holiday toyWell, Black Friday is here and Christmas will be before you know it. While Santa is checking his naughty or nice list -- twice -- the kids are taking stock of the hot holiday toys and loading up their own lists. Big this year are a tow truck that claims to drag 200 pounds, Cabbage Patch dolls (yup, they're back), and several animal toys that come to life as "pets" you don't have to feed or clean up after.

But what's worth spending your money on this year and what will the kids break in two minutes? The Stir asked five kids to test some of the hottest toys on the store's lists for the 2014 holiday season and tell us what they thought.


Ranging from age 5 to 9, both boys and girls, the kids put the toys through their paces weighing out what lived up to the hype and what was a dud. They shared what they'll keep on their Christmas lists ... and what they'd rather pass on.

Here''s a look at their findings, along with some helpful tips from moms on what needs batteries, what should be charged before wrapping, and what toys could be substituted for something a little bit cheaper.

Have your kids asked for number seven this year?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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