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11 Ways to Keep the Magic of Santa Alive

Big Kid Suzee Skwiot Nov 26, 2014

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It's a moment all parents dread: the official time that the kids confront us to ask if Santa Claus is real. So it's time to step up our game. Keeping Santa real is a very intricate art and requires serious dedication and creativity. And we'll admit it, it can kind of be fun to make a little magic happen for the kiddies. Luckily, we've put together the best and easiest things one can do this holiday season to keep the magic of Santa alive...

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Santa is real! Of course, he is! It's just that sometimes Mom and Dad need to give Santa a little help for when the big night comes. Want to be the best little helper this holiday season? We've come up with several fun tips and tricks that help make the season a whole lot more magical and wonder-filled and Santa's Christmas Eve visit as memorable as ever. 

From ordering up a phone call or personalized video message from Santa to planting some snow-covered boot prints and pulling up the reindeer cam, these are some of the magic-filled ways to help convince the kids that Santa is on his way or really did stop by for his annual visit.

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Read on for the best ways to keep the magic of Santa alive this year! No. 8 is such a great way to keep kids believing.


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2Track Santa's Journey

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has one amazing site for all parents: iTrackedSanta. It literally lets you keep tabs on where he is at any given point in the day.

Image via Little Hiccups

3Mark His Footprints

When Kris Kringle sneaks into your home on Christmas Eve, make his presence known. This clever little trick from Little Hiccups shows you how to make Santa's footprints. Put them around the fireplace, the tree, and watch the kids squeal as they spot his steps.

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5Separate Wrapping Paper

Any gifts from Santa must be in his own wrapping paper. Any gifts from Mom and Dad and family? Clearly in a separate. That's one major rule to always remember.

Image via iTunes

6Fake a Call From Santa

Need to speak with the main man directly? Fake a call from Santa! This special smart phone app lets you take an incoming call from St. Nicholas. And who can deny a direct call? No one, that's who!

Image via ReindeerCam.com

7Watch the Reindeer Cam

Want another real-life tracking chance? Have your kids watch the Reindeer Cam live feed to give them a real live look at the reindeer who will be propelling Santa's sleigh come Christmas.

8Special Santa Keys

Don't have a fireplace and have a hard time explaining to the kids how Santa gets into the house? Create these special magic Santa keys and hang them on your door on Christmas!

9Reindeer Food

Reindeer have to eat too! You leave the cookies and milk out for Santa, but don't forget to leave some reindeer food too. Throw in some creative sparkles to make the snacks extra festive.

10Follow Santa on Twitter

Of course Santa has a Twitter. Follow his tweets and see what's happening up in the North Pole and around the world as he embarks on his Christmas Eve adventures.


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