11 Important People Parents Forget to Give Holiday Gifts

Judy Dutton | Nov 25, 2014 Big Kid
11 Important People Parents Forget to Give Holiday Gifts
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With the holidays fast approaching, we have all been mulling over what gift to get for our children's teachers -- that's pretty par for the course. Yet beyond that, there are many people in ours kids' lives who pull hard to keep them safe, happy, and engaged at school, yet are often overlooked. Why not make this holiday season different and show them we appreciate their efforts, too? To get some ideas on potential recipients rolling, here are a few unsung heroes to consider.

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So we've made our list, checked it twice ... but shoot! We forgot to get a gift card for a very important person in our kid's life. Don't want to be that person this year? While we've all likely got the big ones covered -- kids, parents, nieces and nephews -- what about the hardworking people we see day to day who deserve a little recognition?  

Have no fear because we've got our readers covered. We racked our brains to come up with a list of all the people us parents might forget this holiday season. So take note before it's too late! Who wants to be stuck in line at the grocery store waiting to buy 20 gift cards to Best Buy? Surely not us... Read on and check that shopping list twice. 

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  • School Crossing Guards


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    They protect our kids from dangerous drivers every day, standing in all kinds of weather with the only intention of keeping our kids from danger. The perfect present? A gift card to a coffee shop so that they can get a drink after standing in the rain, snow, or hot sun for many hours a day.

  • Parent Volunteers


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    They're one of you, so you might not think of singling them out with a thank-you. Yet by stepping forward to coordinate PTA bakeoffs or family day at school, they're serving a very important dual purpose: a) they're improving your school, and b) they're taking the load of YOUR shoulders to lend a hand.

  • The Kids' Coaches


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    Coaches are often bypassed during the gift-giving season, but they deserve props! They work hard teaching the children teamwork while keeping them active every day after school.

  • The Bus Driver


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    Think about what your life would be like without bus drivers: you'd be driving your kids to and from school every day! The time, gas, and road rage they save are immeasurable, so it's a good idea to let bus drivers know how much you appreciate what they do.

  • School Nurse


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    Remember that time your little Jimmy came into the nurse's office with a sore throat or bruised knee? Or when Jenny was feeling sick and really needed a nap? The nurse made them feel better. Giving a nod to her nurturing instincts with a small gift will mean the world to her. 

  • School Support Staff


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    Just because she doesn't have a class full of kids doesn't mean she's not pulling hard for your young’uns. Trust us -- without her, the school would fall apart.

  • Librarians


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    Whether it's the librarian at school or your local library, these professionals don't just cultivate a love of books in kids. They're integral to teaching students research skills beyond plain old Google -- which can come in handy with every book report and science project they tackle this year. So lavish some love on your librarian and it will pay off in spades down the road.

  • After-School Teachers


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    Sure, everyone showers presents on the teacher their kids have until 3 p.m., but the teacher who watches over your kid after school often gets overlooked. But these teachers are just as important, since you can rest assured that your kids aren't getting into trouble! Plus, if they help kids with their homework, they make your life so much easier. A small gift will show them you noticed and appreciate their help. 

  • Music Teachers


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    If the highlight of your child's life is playing the flute or French horn, your music teacher deserves props for that with a small token like a $20 iTunes gift card.

  • Art Teachers


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    For some kids, art isn't just a class -- it's a way of life! So if your kid loves hanging out in the "studio" expressing himself with paint or a pottery wheel, his teacher is probably a rock star to him. Let that teacher know with a gift!

  • School Janitor


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    They clean up kids' upset stomachs, muddy cleats, and more. Just think about what the school would look like without them -- gross, right? So make sure they know you're grateful that they're doing the dirty work of keeping your school looking great.   

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