11 Important People Parents Forget to Give Holiday Gifts

child giving holiday gift

With the holidays fast approaching, we have all been mulling over what gift to get for our children's teachers -- that's pretty par for the course. Yet beyond that, there are many people in ours kids' lives who pull hard to keep them safe, happy, and engaged at school, yet are often overlooked. Why not make this holiday season different and show them we appreciate their efforts, too? To get some ideas on potential recipients rolling, here are a few unsung heroes to consider.


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So we've made our list, checked it twice ... but shoot! We forgot to get a gift card for a very important person in our kid's life. Don't want to be that person this year? While we've all likely got the big ones covered -- kids, parents, nieces and nephews -- what about the hardworking people we see day to day who deserve a little recognition?  

Have no fear because we've got our readers covered. We racked our brains to come up with a list of all the people us parents might forget this holiday season. So take note before it's too late! Who wants to be stuck in line at the grocery store waiting to buy 20 gift cards to Best Buy? Surely not us... Read on and check that shopping list twice. 

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