10 Hilariously Perfect Children's Letters to Santa (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Nov 26, 2014 Big Kid
10 Hilariously Perfect Children's Letters to Santa (PHOTOS)

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There’s something magical about the age when children are old enough to write a letter to Santa, yet not too old to be wavering in their belief. As we gear up for the holiday season and all it entails, take a moment to unwind with these 10 hilarious letters to Santa from children, which run the spectrum from ridiculously adorable to downright snarky. Kids embody everything that’s awesome about Christmas, and these heartfelt messages are the perfect way to start feeling the holiday spirit.


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  • Repetition just might do the trick


    Image via coley_ycp/Instagram

    She wants a puppy. Also a kitten. Or a dog. How about a cat? It should be fuzzy. PS: This letter continues on the back, where presumably she further details her various cat/dog suggestions.

  • The 'flattery will get you everywhere' approach


    Image via kendralattin14/Instagram

    This kid is a genius. I want to buy him ALL THE THINGS just for being smart enough to butter Santa up with compliments.

  • 'Is 39 things too much?'


    Image via jackieferrell/Instagram

    She’s not asking for TOO much. Just 39 things. Also let it snow, okay?

  • Don’t worry about the mess, we’ve got a maid!


    Image via jasonfifth/Instagram

    Just RELAX, Santa. Mom will get those “crums.” Let your hair down ... and let the toy bag fall open.

  • And one last thing ...


    Image via owlchemist/Instagram

    I love that she wants both a $5.99 gift card AND a million dollars. Hey, dream big, kid.

  • He didn’t have to tell us he’s from Texas


    Image via morris_barrier/Instagram

    He don’t want anythang but it ain’t because he’s dumb. He’s sweet as pie, if you ask me.

  • Restrooms are that way


    Image via anissamariealvarez/Instagram

    Extremely polite? Check. Informative? Check. Apologetic and authoritative at the same time? Check and double check.

  • A little harsh, Isaac


    Image via shammbammm/Instagram

    I’m sure Santa appreciates the diabetes warning, but what’s with the threat? C’mon kid, take a clue from the flatterer earlier in this slideshow.

  • How’s the missus?


    Image via suzy_baldwin/Instagram

    Those are some good questions, and it’s always nice to remember Jesus even if it's because of your acting duties. Well, good-bye.

  • I have a logistics question for you, Mr. Claus


    Image via evil_twin79/Instagram

    Best not to ask too many questions, Melanie. Over 100,000 happy children would agree, the true magic of Christmas lives in your heart.

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