13 Thanksgiving 'Graces' Perfect for Kids

Caroline Olney | Nov 11, 2014 Big Kid

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday among kids and parents alike because of the good food, of course, but also because it celebrates the best of what it means to be American -- gratitude for abundance, inclusiveness in our hearts and at our tables, and sharing what we have with the people we love. What better way is there to share these values with kids than to let them say the Thanksgiving grace?

Your family's Thanksgiving grace or prayer is a tradition you can build in your home from scratch, and this year we have 13 graces easy enough to teach your kids to say at the dinner table.

Even if you they don't "quite" fit your family, you can tweak them to reflect your beliefs or values. That's the beautiful thing about Thanksgiving in the first place, isn't it? It's an American tradition that leaves space for interpretations by all the different religions and cultures that make our country whole.

Don't forget to take a deep breath and remind your kids (and yourself, too!) why we go crazy about napkin rings and cranberry sauce this time of year. If your turkey is a little dry, remember that everyone's turkey is a little dry and that you should be grateful anyways.

Number 10 is a little informal, but perfect for kids! Which one would your kids say?

Images © Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis; Caroline Olney