'Penguins of Madagascar' Teach Kids Meaning of Veterans Day (VIDEO)

michelle obama veterans day penguins of madagascar

Let’s face it: kids' favorite holidays are generally the ones where they get candy. Or presents. Or both. But whether or not their school is closing this year, it’s important to take time to make sure kids understand why we honor Veterans Day. Good news: Michelle Obama and the Penguins of Madagascar are here to help.


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In trademark DreamWorks style, the penguins from the upcoming movie -- out in theaters November 26 -- learn about who veterans are, who they are not (i.e., veterinarians), and what kinds of things they might be doing now:

Pretty cute ... and understanding these things will help kids learn to respect and honor veterans and their years of service, which is what today is all about, after all. These are the men and women who gave their time and energy to a cause greater than themselves, who risked their lives so yours could be a little better.

Often the meaning of holidays like today get lost in the vortex of late homework and Thanksgiving plans and spilled cereal and finding a sitter, but it’s crucial to find the time to give veterans the thanks they deserve. Even more important is teaching our kids to grow up honoring these men and women and respecting the sacrifices they’ve made for us.

How will you talk to your kids about Veterans Day?


Image via GotYour Six/YouTube

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