10 Cute Thanksgiving Decoration Crafts for the Kids' Table

Judy Dutton | Nov 7, 2014 Big Kid

thanksgiving craft turkey

If we want our Thanksgiving spreads to inspire oohs and ahhs galore, the secret isn't just to slave over the food, but to get our kids to craft some creative table decor. Many of these masterpieces serve a dual purpose -- helping guests know where to sit and keeping antsy kids occupied. Some even double as dessert. No matter what, these table decorations will spark plenty of conversation and fun to make Thanksgiving dinner that much more memorable -- all thanks to some enterprising kids.

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Ah, Thanksgiving -- a time of togetherness and family ... okay, so sometimes it's a time of stress and making sure that everything goes according to plan. But there are ways to cheat the system. Take the holiday decor, which can easily stress a mom out. By simply finding the right craft projects, one can easily get the kiddos to help out on decorations. Not only does this help Mom get the house looking great, but it also gives the kids something useful to do! And as a bonus, Mom gets some heartwarming keepsakes to treasure for holidays in the future. Win-win-win.

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We found some of the easiest and cutest Thanksgiving crafts that are sure to wow both friends and family come this November.  


Kid crafts for the Thanksgiving table

Craft #10 is a total head-turner -- and no one will believe what it's made of! 

Image via Evite Gatherings