19 Easy Thanksgiving Activities to Teach Kids to Be Thankful


Thanksgiving is a prime time to tell the kids, "Quit whining! Ponder all the things in life to be thankful for -- food, a roof over our heads, an Xbox One, we've got it made!" The problem is, since lecturing from the mommy soap box rarely sinks in, it might be worth trying some crafts and activities that are fun ways get those feelings of gratitude rolling. Hey, we all need something to do while the turkey is cooking! We found some Thanksgiving Day–themed activities that are sure to make the whole family feel a little more gratitude.


Looking for a way to create new Thanksgiving memories, aside from the annual football game on TV? It might be nice to take a moment to think about all the good things that have happened over the past year, but how can a parent explain gratitude or appreciation to the youngest family members? Why not try a game or activity that will engage the whole family, from toddlers to grown-ups? 

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We found some of our favorite ideas that are sure to make everyone feel a little more appreciative of all the good things (and might even make for some easy and fun ways to keep the kids busy!). We found 20 ideas that are sure to set the right tone this Thanksgiving. Read through our list to see if any of these crafts or activities will make this year extra fun!

Thankful activities for kids

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