Stocking Stuffers, Big Kids: Writers & Readers

Just about done with your shopping but still need a cute little stocking stuffer that a big kid will really love? Everyday this week I'll have a great one for you for under 10 bucks! All throughout Daily Buzz, we've got even more stocking stuffers for kids and adults of all ages, so definitely check it out. In an economy like this one, stocking stuffers just may have to be the real thing! Happy Holidays...

Etch-A-Sketch Game Pen

Why I love it: One reason--and it's a good one...This is a real working Etch-a-Sketch!  Perfect for the line at the bank, a car trip, any place you're bound to hear, "Mom, I'm bored."


Get It:; $8.75

Charlotte's Web

Why I Love It: Speaking of classics...Every kid--boy or girl--should read the meaningful story of Charlotte's Web. No spoilers here! In the midst of all the big Harry Potteresque-type series, it's easy to overlook the beloved, simpler stories that make children's literature truly great. I still have my original of this one.

Get it:; $7.99

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