9 Things Your Kid Really Learns in Kindergarten

Suzee Skwiot | Nov 30, 2014 Big Kid

kids in kindergartenLove them or hate them, the Common Core State Standards are being swiftly implemented into schools and programs throughout the country, and although its ultimate goal is to prepare students for college and their careers, it all starts early. Kindergarten early.

skills every kindergartener should knowYou may think kindergarten is all about nap time and learning to share, but the kindergarten Common Core standards have some pretty hefty benchmarks for the littlest learners to hit. Great Schools, which helps rank and review schools for parents, notes that there are nine major skills every kindergartner should know by the time they've completed the grade.

Wondering if your kid can make it to first grade? Take a look at the slideshow below to find out exactly which skills every kindergarten student needs to know:

Can your child do #7?


Image Sergey Novikov/shutterstock; © iStock.com/STEEX


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