20 Halloween Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves

Suzee Skwiot | Oct 10, 2014 Big Kid
20 Halloween Crafts Kids Can Make Themselves

Fun at Home With Kids

It's finally nearing that time. The leaves are dropping, the candy is on sale, and the costumes are slowly coming together. As we're gearing up for Halloween, why not have the kids contribute some fun homemade crafts to the holiday decor? What better way to spend a Friday night before Halloween than making some easy, inexpensive, and creative memories with the family? And guess what -- they're low- mess, too! 

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From edible slime to multiple toilet roll crafts (seriously, moms won't believed how easy they are), we've rounded up some of our favorite bloggers and narrowed down the search for Halloween activities to keep the kids busy -- and help decorate the house. Not to mention, it gives kids something else to look forward to besides their Halloween costumes, trick-or-treating, and eating too much candy!

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Looking to make this Halloween extra special? Have no fear! This list works for both inexperienced crafters and moms who are on a first-name basis with the checkout guy at Michaels. Here are the 20 best Halloween crafts the kids can try this year: 


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How great is #15?! Tell us which ones are destined to become faves.


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