15 Creative Braids for Little Girls

Suzee Skwiot | Oct 10, 2014 Big Kid

fish bone braid idea for little girls

Is your little girl complaining about the same straight style or simple ponytail she has every day? Sure, it's easy to do the identical thing each morning before school and just get her out the door, but maybe it's time to up your braiding game, Mom.

These braid styles are a simple and quick way to have her looking spiffy. They blow the basic pony out of the water, and they help prevent lice. That's right, moms. Did you know that braids help keep lice far, far away from your kid? Those bugs love loose hair, so the tighter the braid, the less likely they are to stick around.

So to make you a braiding master, we've rounded up some of our favorite (and cutest) hair braiding ideas for little girls. Your little girl will thank you.

simple braids for little girls

Number 5 is so easy! Think you could do it?


Images via Girly Do Hairstyles; © iStock.com/ideabug