9 Halloween Treats That Are So Much Better Than Candy

Suzee Skwiot | Oct 7, 2014 Big Kid
9 Halloween Treats That Are So Much Better Than Candy

A Turtle's Life For Me

Anyone can easily hand out tiny fun-sized candy bars and call it a day. But if a family wants to stand out this Halloween, try giving some different swag to trick-or-treaters. Don't get us wrong -- we're not making the suggestion for a family to be the house that hands out toothbrushes or, gasp, raisins! Kids will actually love these sweet alternatives to candy (and so will their moms). They're great for parties at home or at school, and kids will have fun helping make them.

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Want to find a cute and simple way to dress up even the most ordinary treats? These ideas are even perfect for the mom who wants to get a little crafty just before the first trick-or-treater hits her door. Or maybe a last-minute allergy-free request was made from a another parent for the school Halloween party and a fresh idea is needed (we've all been there).

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These ideas are simple enough for any school bake sale, and the best part: no Pinterest-ing necessary. So grab some googly-eyes, a couple of cellophane bags, and a fresh sharpie and take a look at these amazing Halloween treats that are sure to replace a giant bag of Snickers. Take a peak at #9 especially -- we're obsessed!



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