Chocolate-Tasting Medicine -- A Sick Kid's Dream Come True!

girl blowing her noseIt’s an age-old problem. Kids hate feeling lousy and their moms hate seeing them droopy and sad. But feeling lousy comes with the territory when you are a kid during cough and cold season. The good news is there are many medicines kids can take to make them feel better and get a little relief from their coughs and stuffy noses. The bad news is many kids don't like the taste of liquid medicines and would rather suffer from symptoms than take a dose.

Now, there’s some happy news for kids with colds.

Dr. Cocoa is a new CHOCOLATE-tasting cough and cold medicine. There is actually real cocoa in this medicine so it doesn’t mask the taste, it IS the taste!


Dr. Cocoa is made with 10% real cocoa and comes in three different formulas. There’s Long-Acting Cough Relief, Daytime Cough + Cold Relief, and Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief. So any time of day or night, kids can be comfortable.

Because Dr. Cocoa Cough and Cold Medicines are made with trusted, effective ingredients, kids are loving the relief they get. And that’s a real relief to their moms. Because, as we all know, a happy kid means a happy mom!


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