9 Easy Kid Activities Sick Moms Can Direct From the Couch

Suzee Skwiot | Oct 1, 2014 Big Kid

sick woman lying on a sofa

When mom gets sick, it's all hands on deck at home. If you're lucky, there's someone there to pick up the slack and to take over duties while you're out of commission. But for those days when there's no backup available, mom still needs to keep the kids entertained, even if she's a bit under the weather.

So, for the upcoming flu season, we've put together a list of fun activities sick moms can orchestrate from the couch. That's right. Stay off your feet AND keep the kids busy.

mom sick on the sofa

Would you play #5 with your kids?


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  • Have a Fashion Show


    Get this: you're the high fashion editor, they're the models and designers. Have your kids parade past the couch showing off their best and most "fashionable" outfits. The more accessories, the better!

  • Play Doctor


    If you're sick, then you obviously need a doctor's visit. Have your child check your temperature, bring you fluids, and make sure you're comfortable and healing. Address him or her as "Doctor" and let them perform their healing magic.

  • Start a Beauty Parlor


    Give your child your cheapest and simplest makeup, hairbrush, and tools, and let her give you a mini makeover. Lipstick, braids, eye shadow, what have you. Maybe the new look will leave you instantly feeling better. And just think: a scalp massage would feel so wonderful at this point.

  • Go Camping... Indoors


    Set up two dining chars a few feet apart, drape a sheet or blanket over it, and boomthere's your tent. Or, if you can manage, put up your actual camping tent. Then relax while your kids play in the makeshift fort.

  • Shadow Puppets!


    Deconstruct your fort and hang the sheet again. This time, place a lamp behind the linen and have your children create shadow puppets with their hands and any other objects they can find around the house. From the sofa, you can guess the shapes or be the audience or judge.

  • Animal Make-Believe


    From one end of the sofa to the other, have your child pose in a line while impersonating an animal. Waving a trunk? On all fours? Noises are permitted. Then it's up to you to guess what animal they are.

  • Simon Says


    You're sick, so you're Simon. Call out instructions to the kiddos and try to see how long you can go without someone getting stumped. "Simon says 'Touch your nose' ... Touch your nose." Gotcha!

  • 20 Questions


    Think of something. A person, place, thing, or animal. Anything! The kids can ask up to 20 questions to figure out what you're thinking about, and you can only respond using short "yes" or "no" answers. Go a few rounds until you switch turns.

  • Freeze Dance Game


    Here's how the "Freeze!" game works. Play a dance-worthy song on your phone or tablet. Once the kids get dancing around being silly (and burning some of that pent-up energy), press pause. Every time the music stops, the kids have to freeze and hold their pose. First one to miss the "Freeze" cue or to move or giggle while the song is paused is out.