15 Things Kids Should Never Be Allowed to Do in the Grocery Store (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Oct 7, 2014 Big Kid

girl upside down in a grocery store shopping cart

I don't normally like to say what parents should and shouldn't do, because we're all different and what works for me may not work for you and special unique snowflake circumstances and blah blah blah, don't be a sanctimonious jerkface, etc. However! I do occasionally make some lighthearted exceptions, which I will detail for you shortly.

Basically, there's a personal code of conduct every parent should be expected to adhere to when they're in the grocery store. We all know that grocery shopping while simultaneously caring for small children is about as fun as having a root canal while listening to Rebecca Black's "Friday" on repeat, but that's no excuse for allowing your child to do the following.


Image via onelove82/Instagram