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12 Science Experiments Kids Can Create at Home

Big Kid Judy Dutton Oct 2, 2014

Think it's hard to get your kids interested in science? Simple science experiments you can do at home will totally change your mind (and your kid's).

From elephant toothpaste to glowing flowers to floating M&M letters, these easy DIY science experiments are more like magic shows, while also teaching them a thing or two about density, solubility, and other concepts. With all the emphasis schools are placing on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math), these fun projects are well worth the effort -- whether you're homechooling or just trying to supplement their education.

Try a few, and who knows, you may get hooked on science yourself!

12 science experiments for kidsHave you tried #4 with your kids yet?


Image © Serge Kozak/Corbis

1Crystal Garden

This crystal garden from Babble Dabble Do can be created overnight with Epsom salt and other household items. Plus, it can teach kids how crystals form and why they end up certain shapes.

3Density Tower

What better way to teach kids about density than a density tower? This tutorial at Steve Spangler Science will show you the ropes, and it's all doable with household items from dish soap to vegetable oil.

5Fog Tornado

Whipping up a tornado in your own home? Your kids will be blown away, literally, with this science experiment at Science Bob. And it's easier than it looks, requiring only a cardboard box, plastic wrap, a fan, and a humidifier -- that's it!

9Glowing Xylophone

With this glowing xylophone from Play At Home Mom LLC, you take that ho-hum lesson about how glasses filled to different levels create different sounds to a whole new level. All you need are some glasses, glow sticks, and water (that oozey aura is just a camera effect, but a cool one we must say!).

10Tie Dye Pillow

This experiment from Steve Spangler Science doubles as a craft: Consider it the easy way to do tie dye; plus, it's a science lesson in solubility and molecule movement.


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