That's So Gay

CafeMom Melchen posted a cool video to the The CafeMom Newcomers Club.

gay rights flag

Sponsored by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), the spot casts Hillary Duff as a shopper who overhears a teen making reference to a shirt her friend is trying on by saying, "That's so gay." Hillary checks her, and throws an underhanded dis. "What if every time someone saw something that was bad they said, 'That's so girl wearing a skirt as a top?'" (which, of course, perfectly describes the girl in question). Ouch.


The idea is to help put an end to hurtful, hate speech. Figures of speech, slang and other commonly used phrases like, "That's so gay" are often rooted in the subtle (and not so subtle) demeaning of other groups. Unfortunately, kids are inclined to continue talking this way as long as their peers do. That's why this kind of ad is so powerful--it's meeting young people where they are.

Is stamping out sayings like "That's so gay," important to focus on? Or do you think that is being too politically correct?

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