26 Fun Halloween Costumes for Siblings to Wear Together​

dumb and dumber sibling costumes

Siblings may not always get along, but if there's one time they'll definitely come together and share in their excitement, it's Halloween. With two or three or more siblings, all sorts of role-playing scenarios abound, and the typical knight-and-princess, good guy–bad guy dynamics are the least of one's options. To get those creative juices flowing, we scoured the blogosphere for the best ideas to find the most creative sibling costume ideas around.


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These adorable siblings costumes are truly unique, quirky, interesting, and even pop-culture savy. From high-concept, perfectly executed works of Halloween art to simple DIY costumes that can be easily thrown together in a few minutes right before trick-or-treating, there are costume ideas on this list for every age group and skill level! No need to have a master's degree in costume design -- or even a sewing machine and a hot glue gun on hand.

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The window for picking out family Halloween costumes gets shorter and shorter as little kids grow up, so parents will definitely want to take advantage of the chance to dress their kids in coordinated duds while they're young. Halloween is the time to pull out the most embarrassing, outlandish, and silly costumes for kids, and these ideas are sure to be hits. Scroll through for 26 siblings costumes perfect for every kid!

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