26 Fun Halloween Costumes for Siblings to Wear Together​

Judy Dutton | Sep 28, 2017 Big Kid
26 Fun Halloween Costumes for Siblings to Wear Together​

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Siblings may not always get along, but if there's one time they'll definitely come together and share in their excitement, it's Halloween. With two or three or more siblings, all sorts of role-playing scenarios abound, and the typical knight-and-princess, good guy–bad guy dynamics are the least of one's options. To get those creative juices flowing, we scoured the blogosphere for the best ideas to find the most creative sibling costume ideas around.

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These adorable siblings costumes are truly unique, quirky, interesting, and even pop-culture savy. From high-concept, perfectly executed works of Halloween art to simple DIY costumes that can be easily thrown together in a few minutes right before trick-or-treating, there are costume ideas on this list for every age group and skill level! No need to have a master's degree in costume design -- or even a sewing machine and a hot glue gun on hand.

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The window for picking out family Halloween costumes gets shorter and shorter as little kids grow up, so parents will definitely want to take advantage of the chance to dress their kids in coordinated duds while they're young. Halloween is the time to pull out the most embarrassing, outlandish, and silly costumes for kids, and these ideas are sure to be hits. Scroll through for 26 siblings costumes perfect for every kid!

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  • Bubble Gum on the Bottom of a Shoe


    Hey, if you want the kids to stay glued to each other while they head out trick-or-treating, this bubble-gum-stuck-onto-shoe costume will do the trick! This is a creative way to use balloons, and we love that this costume is kid-friendly. Gum on the bottom of a shoe doesn't have to be a bummer!

  • Pigs in a Blanket


    Slap on some pig noses and wrap the little ones in a blanket, and voilà: pigs in a blanket Halloween costume! The Budget Diet has more details on how to pull off this quick and easy costume with panache. We just love that this mom got her teenager to participate. Gold stars for that!

  • Peas & Carrots


    Hey, what better way to coax toddlers to eat their vegetables than to dress them as some? These peas and carrots costumes from Etsy are the perfect combo. And even if they don't take a bite, these baby veggies are too cute to pass up!

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  • Thing 1 & Thing 2


    We know, we know: Matching outfits on siblings or twins can infringe on their individuality and all that, but Halloween is the one night we get a free pass because it's cute! Dr. Seuss fans will dig these Thing 1 and Thing 2 Halloween outfits, because they are possibly some of the most recognizable Seuss characters of all time!

  • Rainbow and Clouds


    Hey, where there's rain, there are rainbows! And your two little ones dressed as rainbow and clouds are the perfect pair to deliver this sunny message. These gentle costumes are perfect for both your little sunshine and your little storm cloud! 

  • Super Mario Brothers


    For moms who've got two boys in their brood, get the brotherly love flowing with Super Mario Brothers costumes. According to the steps on Instructables, it's as easy as some overalls, caps, and an eyebrow pencil to create the mustache. Now watch out for evil mushrooms!

  • Dirty Laundry


    Ever heard the phrase about never airing dirty laundry? This costume-for-two from Costume Works begs to differ. Plus, moms have got most of the items in their home already, and it'll spark fond memories when washing the kids' clothes.

  • Roll the Dice


    As this cute pic with instructions from Coolest Homemade Costumes makes clear, two huge cardboard boxes and some back and white paint are all that is needed to turn two kids into dice! We love a board game themed costume. And no matter what, moms will definitely be able to spot their kids in a crowd.

  • Salt & Pepper


    There is no more classic a pairing than salt and pepper shakers. So these complementary onesies with those cute little hats on Etsy ($56 for the pair) are an easy and comfortable costume option for little nuggets. Perfect for twins, or even a pair of inseparable siblings! 

  • Pac-Man and Ghosts


    In this costume inspired by the '80s video game, Mom's little ghosts will love chasing around Pac-Man. Instructables has all the details to bring the game to life in one's own living room. '80s video games? Yes, please!

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  • Trolls


    Build a little collection of Troll dolls this Halloween! These costumes are perfect for a family costume that doesn't take too much time or money, and the little ones will love that they get to spray their hair a fun color. Don't forget their unique bellybutton gem! 

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  • Harry & Lloyd From "Dumb & Dumber"


    A perfect costume for parents who are using a wagon to trick-or-treat! These Harry and Lloyd costumes come complete with a homemade Mutts Cutts Shaggin' Wagon that makes this costume EPIC. We like it a lot.

  • Book Characters


    Children's book characters are a must for the bookish family. These cute siblings went as Madeline and Max from Where The Wild Things Are and their costumes are too precious. We can't help it, we're suckers for kids who love reading!

  • Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog


    Pardon moi, but this Muppets costume is the best thing we've seen all day. Not only is this a fun and hilarious tribute to one of the best children's television shows ever made, but it truly captures the relationship between big sister and her little brother. Hi-Ya! 

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  • Just a Barista and His Starbucks


    For the mom who can't start her day without her morning trip to Starbucks, why not cement that love by dressing the kiddos up as a barista and her regular order? According to these kids' mom on the website Costume Works, this child is a "caramel frappuccino." We wonder if she's a tall, venti, or grande?

  • Inside Out Family


    This picture just happens to show Mom and Dad getting in on the action, but the five emotions from the Pixar film Inside Out are perfect for bigger families that want to do a themed costume. There's Joy, Rage, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust -- perfect for the family that is truly animated! 

  • The Lego Movie


    This Halloween, everything is awesome! Check out these amazing homemade Lego Movie costumes that depict Benny, Unikitty, and Lego Batman. Sure, it takes some skill to make a realistic Lego head, but with these results, it's worth the effort! 

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  • Smokey The Bear and a Forest Ranger


    Only you can plan a Halloween costume this cute! These two brothers look picture perfect in their Smokey the Bear and Forest Ranger costumes. But what really sells us are those little bear feet! 

  • They Aren't Afraid of No Ghosts


    What better way to prove that the kids know all the cool retro movies than by dressing them up as characters from Ghostbusters? Hey, it's no Bill Murray or Melissa McCarthy, but when candy needs to be eaten, who you gonna call? The kids!

  • Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid


    Perfect for triplets or Mom's golden trio, the three main characters of the Harry Potter series -- Harry, Ron, and Hermione -- are a magical costume idea based on what is many children's favorite series. Not only will they have fun waving their magic wands at the neighbors to get their candy, but they will also stay toasty in their Hogwarts robes!

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  • Curious Geroge and the Man With the Yellow Hat


    Moms can try this costume for their sweet little monkey! George and the Man With the Yellow Hat are best buddies, which two little ones might be too! Just make sure little George doesn't get into too much monkey business.

  • Frankenstein's Monster and His Bride


    Go run and hide! This gruesome twosome are here to take the neighborhood by storm this Halloween. What a fun way to dress up as these iconic scary-movie characters and have a theme! They're alive!

  • The Wizard of Oz


    There's no place like home for this candy-hunting quartet. Scarecrow, Dorothy, Lion, and the Tin Man are a perfect movie-themed costume with plenty of characters for moms who have a large brood! Hurry and go get candy before the Wicked Witch of the West comes!

  • Stoplight Stroller


    This costume gives a whole new meaning to red-light/green-light! How genius is this costume from this new mama of triplets? Truly a costume of this ingenuity is traffic stopping!

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  • KISS


    Ready to rock? Dress the kids up like the founding members of KISS -- Peter, Gene, Paul, and Ace -- and let them pleasantly surprise all the parents who open their doors! We're not saying that dressing the kids like rock stars makes them cool, but ... it doesn't hurt.

  • S'mores


    Look at this great s'more costume! We love this graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate bar combo so much, but perhaps that's because s'mores are always a welcomed treat. A perfect fall costume! A+!

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