12 Halloween Costumes Moms Can Make in 5 Minutes (or Less)

Judy Dutton | Sep 25, 2014 Big Kid

Halloween is almost here! And for all of those moms out there who wait until the last minute to do everything (hey, who doesn't?), then right now is probably all about scrambling to figure out what to throw together last-minute as a Halloween costume for the kiddos. Look no further. We've got the quick-and-dirty ideas that will save moms' bacon this holiday season. And they won't sacrifice style at all. The kids will still look great.

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There is no need to stress if maybe the Halloween plans this year come down to a quick five minute peruse of the house. There's no shame in that! And no matter what sort of Halloween costume is the right call -- spooky, sweet, or funny -- these pictures should make for great inspiration. There's no shortage of what a mom can do with a cardboard box, markers, quick-thinking, and a little imagination.

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Most can be scrounged together from common household items or a quick trip to the local convenience or craft store ... and they're so clever, families will assume you spent months masterminding these getups. You're welcome!

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Isn't costume #7 the easiest, funniest thing you've ever seen?

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