9 Natural Ways to Stop Coughing in Kids

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A nagging cough can keep kids up all night long. And if the kids are up, that means Mom's up. Between administering cough medicine, taking temperatures, and begging the little ones to go back to sleep, it's always a pretty ugly scene. No one does well sacrificing sleep, and we want to send everyone back to bed so they can rest their cold away. So, what are some of the alternatives to those sleepless nights when the kiddos have a cough?


Well, a mother could flee to a hotel, of course, but unfortunately she would not win any mom of the year honors going that route. And she would probably hear her kid screaming "MOMMMMMMYYYYY" across town anyway.

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"A cough can be a little thing that becomes a big deal," said Carol Wilkinson, MD, PhD, a pediatrician at UCSF and Medical Director of Kinsights. "Coughing can not only be irritating, but it can keep a child from getting a restful night's sleep just when it's most needed." Yikes! And if the kids aren't getting their sleep, then how will Mom get her much-needed eight hours?

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Check out the nine natural remedies to help quiet a child's cough so the little one can catch some zzzzzzzzzs!

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