12 Candy Crafts to Make With Kids (PHOTOS)

Jodi Meltzer | Sep 24, 2014 Big Kid

Jodi Levine, mom to two sons, Super Make It guru, and author of Candy Aisle Crafts, is the queen of creating extraordinary crafts from everyday supermarket items. And with her as a guide, you can make incredible candy treats and have a lot of fun with your child at the same time.

"There are so many benefits to spending time crafting with your kid," says Levine. "It creates memories your child will have forever. My boys, Sammy, 11, and Lionel, 8, are big outerspace fans. They love the planet cookies!"


Here, Levine shares 12 of her coolest Candy Aisle Crafts with The Stir. Some are featured in her new book, others on Super Make It ... but, she promises, all are doable. And your kids will have fun doing these projects with you!

We adore the dot flower pops -- which of these would you like to try?

Images via Amy Gropp Forbes