12 Candy Crafts to Make With Kids (PHOTOS)

Jodi Meltzer | Sep 24, 2014 Big Kid
12 Candy Crafts to Make With Kids (PHOTOS)

Jodi Levine, mom to two sons, Super Make It guru, and author of Candy Aisle Crafts, is the queen of creating extraordinary crafts from everyday supermarket items. And with her as a guide, you can make incredible candy treats and have a lot of fun with your child at the same time.

"There are so many benefits to spending time crafting with your kid," says Levine. "It creates memories your child will have forever. My boys, Sammy, 11, and Lionel, 8, are big outerspace fans. They love the planet cookies!"


Here, Levine shares 12 of her coolest Candy Aisle Crafts with The Stir. Some are featured in her new book, others on Super Make It ... but, she promises, all are doable. And your kids will have fun doing these projects with you!

We adore the dot flower pops -- which of these would you like to try?

Images via Amy Gropp Forbes

  • Marshmallow Birds


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    Scissors and a toothpick are the only tools kids will need to create these sweet marshmallow birds. Add some pretzel sticks for the legs and nonpareil sprinkles for the eyes and you're all set.

  • Gumdrop Flowers


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    Remember Necco Wafers? These retro, flat, round candies make perfect petals on gumdrop flowers, a project in Jodi's gummy candy chapter. Kids can push the wafer "petals" right into the gumdrop.

  • Happy Clown Cupcakes


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    Happy clown cupcakes are perfect for a circus-themed party. Kids can help make these by cutting the cupcake paper "collars" or cutting the shoestring licorice for the mouth, arms, and legs.

  • Cookie Faces


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    A perfect after school snack-tivity. Provide your little cookie artists with bowls of sliced almonds and other nuts, mini or regular chocolate chips, and sliced fruit.

  • Gumdrop Sailboat


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes


    Sail this sweet little boat across a cupcake frosted with light blue icing that's been swept into peaks, like choppy water. Kids can cut the gum or fold tape into sails and a grown-up can help put in the toothpicks.

  • Planet Cookies


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    These are a fun outerspace party activity or treat. Melt white chocolate and give kids a clean paintbrush to brush it onto cookies to create planet rings and stripes. Sprinkle on colored sanding sugar while the chocolate is still warm. 

  • Dot Flower Pops


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    These Dot Flower Pops are a great starter project for getting used to melting hard candy and would make cute party favors! Have kids place the candies on a cool baking sheet to design their flowers. Moms should handle the hot work of melting the candies.

  • Triangle Cake


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    When working with semi-melted candies, it is important to move quickly. Triangles are an easy shape to cut and they make such pretty geometric graphic cake decorations

  • Gummy Animal Menorah


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    Kids can make these animals or any gumdrop creation they dream up and group them together for a novel Hanukkah menorah.

  • Cereal Houses


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    These houses are made by molding cereal in empty milk cartons. Kids can help stir the ingredients and spoon the mixture into the empty milk cartons.

  • Piggy Pink Cupcakes


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    These super cute cupcakes are perfect for a Charlotte’s Web or farm-themed party. Have your kids help cut the pink marshmallows in half for the snout or into triangles for the ears.

  • Snow Tree Cupcakes


    Image via Amy Gropp Forbes

    These trees can be made with all jumbo, medium, or mixed marshmallow sizes. Kid-safe scissors are all your young chef will need to make these. Presents and ornaments are optional.


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