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11 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas to Celebrate That First (& Second ...) Lost Tooth

Big Kid Suzee Skwiot Sep 23, 2014

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In the old days, when a kid lost a tooth, they'd stick it under their pillow and find a quarter there the next morning. These days, the tooth fairy has gotten a lot more creative. And why not make it special? Losing a tooth is a huge physical milestone and cause for celebration.

If you're looking for ideas to commemorate your child's first lost tooth or want to start a new tooth fairy tradition (and trust us, you will when you see the ideas below), look no farther. We rounded up 11 creative ideas from our favorite bloggers that will help keep the tooth fairy magic alive.

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2Tooth Passport

Maybe your child travels between two homes, or maybe you just like to have an official keepsake location for all of their tooth fairy visits. Reannah, blogging for Homemaker in Heels, created this nifty little Tooth Fairy passport, where kids can keep a tally of all of their teeth, along with a little pouch for their lost ones.

4Tooth Taxis

Alternatively, if you want the tooth to travel between places, you can fasten yourself a little tooth taxi. Gina, a.k.a. East Coast Mommy, has the DIY idea for you, along with the easy printable labels.

5Give a Lesson

Use it as a chance to teach the kids a little lesson. Is their bedroom a little dirty? Can the Tooth Fairy not get anywhere? This hilarious letter from the tooth fairy, courtesy of Meaningful Mama, will teach your kids some much-needed tidying tricks.

9Get Photo Proof

If you would like your child to have some photographic evidence of the Tooth Fairy's visit, try out iCaughtTheToothFairy.com. Take a picture of your child, upload to the site, paste a Tooth Fairy onto the photo, and print. Leave it under the child's pillow or next to their bed, and watch them revel when they see their pic alongside the Tooth Fairy.

10Tooth Fairy Doors

How else would a Tooth Fairy enter the room? Place a special Tooth Fairy door on a bookshelf or tack it to the wall, right above the baseboard, and use it solely as the Fairy's entrance.

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