11 Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas to Celebrate That First (& Second ...) Lost Tooth

little girl holding lost tooth

In the old days, when a kid lost a tooth, they'd stick it under their pillow and find a quarter there the next morning. These days, the tooth fairy has gotten a lot more creative. And why not make it special? Losing a tooth is a huge physical milestone and cause for celebration.

If you're looking for ideas to commemorate your child's first lost tooth or want to start a new tooth fairy tradition (and trust us, you will when you see the ideas below), look no farther. We rounded up 11 creative ideas from our favorite bloggers that will help keep the tooth fairy magic alive.


tooth fairy diy ideas

We love #7 -- which is your favorite?

How did you celebrate the arrival of the Tooth Fairy?


Images via Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Corbis; © iStock.com/bobbieo

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